Welcome to House of VS!!

An array of timeless, fashionable pieces!

House of VS formerly known as Vanity Storm was founded in 2010 by Amber Danielle.

Amber has pursued her entrepreneurial journey and ventured on many endeavors however, her path always lead back to House of VS. HVS remains dear to her heart, it is her passion to constantly grow and push the brand to the masses!

“The brand is bigger than me, it’s about a feeling of confidence and self expression.”

With two little ones in tow she is leading by example; showing them the true definition of beauty and that anything is truly possible as long as you work hard, never give up and remain faithful!

Our mission is to have our Vanity Babes feel Powerful, Beautiful, and command the attention of all by accentuating ones wardrobe with HVS pieces! Accessories bring any outfit to life, they are essentially fashions vitamins!

We do not boast narcissism but do we feel every woman deserves to feel BEAUTIFUL!